A little Thursday inspiration

Justin’s and my design styles live on a wide spectrum. He goes hard mid-century modern. I exist anywhere from transitional to eclectic to contemporary and modern. Our home will definitely feel mostly modern, but hopefully pulls in enough other design and style elements to make it feel unique and just like us.

If only grocery shopping was this easy.

We decided to splurge on the new appliances for the kitchen before the recent news. There will be an opportunity to explain why we’re sticking with this decision soon, but right now I’m thinking about how to make the absolute most of my future shiny new fridge to make sure we squeeze every single drop of value out of it like a juicy Meyer lemon.

Video tour | Demo is done

I snuck to the house during nap time to check on progress. Not much has happened in the last week, but it gave me a chance to survey the guts of the house before new footings and framing begins (hopefully) this week. It’s also the most available way I have to show what the house looked like before since I didn’t take any photos or videos before we moved out in April.

I lost my job last week.

And before you assume it was pandemic-related and financially motivated, it wasn’t. The specific reasons given and circumstances that led to this unfortunate (fortunate?) event aren’t important. Just know that after 9.5 years with this company IT HURT.

So now I have an opportunity here with this tiny little slice of the internet. When work was awful I would say “I wish I could just blog for a living” like so many others I have followed and been influenced by over the years.