I lost my job last week.

And before you assume it was pandemic-related and financially motivated, it wasn’t. The specific reasons given and circumstances that led to this unfortunate (fortunate?) event aren’t important. Just know that after 9.5 years with this company IT HURT.

So now I have an opportunity here with this tiny little slice of the internet. When work was awful I would say “I wish I could just blog for a living” like so many others I have followed and been influenced by over the years. 

Here’s a really real chance to try it on to see if it fits. I have no idea what it’s going to look like yet. When I secured the URL and set up the WordPress template in February, it was all for the house renovation. I was excited to see if I could actually keep up with it, and very quickly got consumed with other things before a single post went up — most notably the whole working from home thing while parenting a 5 and 2 year old under stay at home orders. With the office job part out of the way, I finally can devote real time and focus to something I thought was an idealistic pipe dream.

I can’t guarantee that this site won’t start as the inner ramblings of a newly-minted SAHM trying to figure out this new way of life. It could turn into a lot of things: food, home design, gardening, parenting, but probably not fitness or fashion. Or, all of the above. 

We’ll figure it out together. Thanks for being at the starting line with me.

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