The reason you’re reading this.

So yes, over the years I’ve answered “I wish I could blog” when asked what I rather be doing. It felt silly to say it out loud because everyone can do it, but not everyone can do it well. Who’s to say that I’m someone who can do it well. Well, I guess we are finding out 🙂

Sherry and John at Young House Love do it extremely well. Really, they are the catalyst to my lofty visions of what this could become. I’ve followed them for 10 years (!) ever since a recommendation from a friend.

Have I ever done a DIY project inspired by them? No. Have I lived vicariously through their hundreds of home improvement projects to virtually feel that sense of accomplishment and gratification? Yep. Do I wish we were all best buds? Yes, in the least stalker-ish kinda way.

I even asked and received their first book for Christmas

But more recently, I’ve been way way influenced on things to have for the house and life. If Sherry says it’s worth a purchase, that’s the only persuasion I need. Thus the power of Influencer Marketing.

An Influencer I am not. I am most definitely an Influencee. Here are a few things that have been added to the house all because of Young House Love.

Wait wait, I take it back. I have done one of their projects. They taught me the best and easiest ways to hang pictures. Considering all the wall hangings in my future, they will be forever in my favor.

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