Video tour | Demo is done

I snuck to the house during nap time to check on progress. Not much has happened in the last week, but it gave me a chance to survey the guts of the house before new footings and framing begins (hopefully) this week. It’s also the most available way I have to show what the house looked like before since I didn’t take any photos or videos before we moved out in April.

What you’ll see and hear:

  • Plans for the front exterior
  • Plans for the downstairs layout and new addition
  • Plans for the backyard and carriage house

What I forgot to say:

  • All the plans for the exterior. I didn’t mention that we’ll replace all of the siding. Those boards are 88 years old and basically drink paint. Here’s the color inspiration.
  • Plans for the upstairs layout. Probably because I was scared to be up there for too long! The living room addition will have new bedrooms for the kids as the second story.

Hoping to do more of these videos as the new floor plan comes to life. Also hoping my camera and video editing skills will only improve. First time iMovie user right here.

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  1. So very impressed with your ambitious plans and vision.

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