Progress | The most exciting cement you’ll never see

Demo on the house started on April 7, as evidenced here. The cement footings for the addition were poured June 4. So goes home construction.

Once upon a time, there was an ENORMOUS oak tree a foot or two from the house. Sadly, it wasn’t in the best of health so we took it down a few years ago in anticipation of this renovation and to relieve our and our neighbors’ anxiety of falling branches.

TL;DR, So delay #6 was dealing with excavating the root system.

Delays #1 through #5 were: Structural engineer consultations, rain, runoff from said rain into the trenches dug, waiting for the water to drain, having to dig even deeper trenches to be structurally sound.

Exciting stuff, huh. It was pretty freaking exciting to finally visualize where the new living room will sit. So I documented it. Enjoy these pictures of cement in the ground. I promise you’ll never see it again.

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