Picking paint colors

Hey. You haven’t heard from me in a while! A lot has been happening. A lot of decisions have been made, but not too much to actually look at in action. But that is rapidly changing!

This week, we approved all of the paint color selections, both interior and exterior.

Since we are jumping on the dark exterior trend others are blogging about here, here and here, we wanted the interior to feel light, fresh and welcoming. But not all white. So when Cherri pulled color swatches for us, I immediate said yes to each one. Because, clearly, she peered into my purple-loving soul. And on Tuesday, we saw test samples on the walls. Swoon. You can see a sliver of a sneak peak here!

Most of the main living space – dining room, living room, kitchen, master bedroom, playroom – will be Iceberg White. With the rest of the colors on this palette below, we pull in some warmth and personality in the upstairs bedrooms and the master closet.

As soon as all the paint is primed and ready for a moment in the sun, I’ll post again. In the meantime, I’ll be here obsessing over interior design photos.

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