It’s (the final weeks until) the final countdown…

Hi. It’s me. The blogger who hasn’t blogged since September. And while a lot has been happening at the house, and there has been a lot to share, I fell into the trap of thinking that it wasn’t interesting enough. That’s probably because I’ve essentially been watching a pot boil for months. I am at the house two or three times a day for the school drop-off and pick-up routines plus the mid-day check in while we’re “running errands.” I have seen almost every inch of progress toward the glorious finish line.

But, oh, will that finish line be glorious. This house is going to be SPECTACULAR. Every detail is being thought through with the utmost care. The quality and craftsmanship is nothing short of amazing. Living there will be worth every change order and extra day spent in this rental.

Moving home happens in December. We don’t know what day yet, but we know we’ll be in before 2021. Today is less than two weeks to December, so it’s officially the final countdown to the final countdown!

Once we’ve moved in and said see ya to 2020, the real fun will begin. That’s when we will transform this amazing house into our family home. And, that’s when Home Goods will get all my money. And, you’ll see a lot more Instagram posts and room reveals on this blog.

In the meantime, here are some truly in-progress pics.

Details, am I right? This is the ceiling treatment in the dining room, hallway, butler’s pantry and kitchen.

Snapped from the side windows of the dining room. The front door is out of frame on the left. The hallway on the right takes you along the stairwell to the kitchen and living room. The door frame on the right-facing side leads to the master.

This view from the upstairs landing/playroom will be a knockout. The gap in the half wall looks down on the stairs. Something special is slated for that space.

The little ballerina and I got our very own barre in the bonus (workout) room. She’ll be practicing her pliés and tendus, I’ll be doing Peloton Barre workouts.

Finally, here is the current shot of Justin’s future office. The concrete floor slab should be poured today. It’s going to be really cool to watch this original structure transform.

So much more to come. I’ll keep practicing my photography skills and posting more pictures as more things come together!

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