Inching Along to Paint on the Walls – One Room Challenge Week 3

It’s a slow march, people, but we will be there soon!

This week, the kids and I took the baby step of planning the color block design by taping off the lines and shapes we wanted to paint. We also made some very delicate zip lines for the tiny elven people who come to play in the Secret Kids Room while we’re asleep.

This update will be short and sweet, because A) the design I taped up didn’t really take that much time to create, and B) if I ruminate over the decision too much I will start to doubt it. I will say that I can be pretty decisive in design situations like these. If I like something, I quickly make the decision to stick to it. Very rarely will I see what the other options could be once I find or create something that works.

Plus, the six-year old said “Yeah, it’s really kinda pretty!” I chose to ignore the “kinda”.

Is there a more polished way to tape up curved lines? That’s definitely something I’m Googling before paint touches the walls. Or maybe I’m going to have to see how well I am at free hand.

Here’s what I’m not good at – Photoshopping. This next image is going scare the bejeezus out of my husband. It definitely does nothing to help my cause or confidence, but I at least had to try to mock up the color to know where to paint what. And, I made a change to the yellow color choice. Instead of Solaria, we’ve moved to the slightly softer Butter Up.

The final color palette:

HGTV Sherwin Williams (HGSW6851) Hibiscus

HGTV Sherwin Williams (HGSW1196) Butter Up

HGTV Sherwin Williams (HGSW1314) Cooled Blue

The white wall color is color matched to the discontinued Martin Senour Iceberg White, and it’s the wall color in the majority of the house (including the current color of the Secret Kids Room)

So, please don’t judge me too hard for this. I know it looks like a circus tent threw up on the wall. But it’s going to be so great next week!

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