21 Resolutions

The internet is DYING for another blogger to post the list of his or her New Year’s Resolutions. Welcome to mine.

But, with a slight twist. My new year doesn’t start until mid-January on moving day. While I tried my best to force a move before New Year’s Eve so we could say peace out to 2020 in our new and improved home, the year that wouldn’t let up had other plans.

Okay, it wasn’t 2020’s fault. It was the countertop’s fault, and the custom carpentry’s fault, and the wonderful finishing touches that is going to make this wait all worth it.

So, with a new house, a clean slate and fresh start, here’s what I’m going to start or stop in 2021.

Planner and notebook from Erin Condren

1. Stop rushing things to happen

This is what I should have learned in 2020 when we were all forced to slow down and reset. And while I found a lot more time – a lot, a lot more – the new routine I have also means that my windows of productivity are finite. I find myself getting so frustrated when I’m thisclose to accomplishing something when a reminder alarm goes off, or someone needs my attention immediately. (And it’s always immediately.) So when I have to stop in the middle of something, my mind becomes fixated on what is left hanging. I end up distracted, rushing, and all around pissed that I wasn’t focused, disciplined, or whatever enough to finish the task in the first place.

Attempting to avoid this feeling, I find myself rushing to finish things in the small windows I have set aside, which just compounds the frustration over my time, or perceived lack thereof.

Therefore, I’m resolving to give up the idea that accomplishing something is better than making progress on something. Right now, I’m only accountable to myself, so the only deadlines in my day, real or perceived, are set by me and therefore negotiable. Except those school pick-up deadlines. Those are very, very non-negotiable.

2. Start and stick to a morning ritual

This is something I’m excited about, because right now I assume it’s one of those life-altering silver bullets to change the way I feel everyday. I’m sure that is giving way too much credit, but I can’t wait to see or feel what difference it does make.

I’ve been thinking about and wishing for a morning ritual for a while, and yet I still haven’t been able to create and stick to one. I was inspired and energized recently after listening to a new podcast, Get Wellthy. In episode two, Michelle and her functional medicine practitioner suggest this framework to follow.

  • Get sunlight in your eyes before looking at any screen or device
  • Easy. I can get out of bed and walk to the back porch.
  • Move your body
  • Yes. I love to stretch
  • Be silent
  • Oooh, yes. How many mothers crave this? The trick will be making this happen before kids wake up.
  • Check in with your wellbeing
  • Sounds great. If I can pinpoint how I’m feeling in the morning, then I can figure out what to do about it. Spending the day feeling off with no idea why sounds awful, and very familiar.
  • Feed yourself food that makes you feel good
  • Yes, but. This will be a challenge. I have never been much of a breakfast eater, mainly because I don’t want to spend time cooking and cleaning in the morning. However, my kids need a better breakfast in the morning too, so this is going to happen.

If any of this sounds intriguing, I highly recommend the episode to hear the why. It’s not as hippie-dippie as it may seem.

3. Stop eating off the kids plates

That’s it. Just a bad, bad habit that has to be broken.

4. Start smarter spending habits

As you’ll read soon, we accrued some credit card debt in this house building journey. I hate credit card debt with the red hot fury of a two year old scorned. But, it happens. Thankfully, I’ve been using You Need A Budget for six years, so I have the tools (and the discipline?) to get that debt in check.

Did you know 21 is my favorite number? Here are a few more intentions for the year to round out the list.

  • 5. Create and keep my Home in Harmony
  • 6. Cook a lot more in my new kitchen
  • 7. Get my kids on a better eating schedule
  • 8. Get more creative with breakfasts and lunches
  • 9. Plant a garden – flower or vegetable TBD
  • 10. Learn interior photography
  • 11. Crochet something
  • 12. Read a book. Maybe even books.
  • 13. Practice my hostess skills
  • 14. Consistently use my planner
  • 15. Teach Kid 1 to ride a bike
  • 16. Teach Kid 2 to use the potty
  • 17. DIY something
  • 18. Reclaim my Spotify account
  • 19. Recommit to my daily water drinking goal
  • 20. Fix my sleep
  • 21. Do things that make me feel good

Happy New Year, friends.

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