Video | See the finished framing

AN UPDATE! A few days after this video, the framing was really finished and the interior was swept and cleaned up. And since it’s a long video, here are some photos to click through!

I’ve come to the conclusion recently that I’m not renovating a house. Turns out I’m building a whole new house which just happened to have three existing exterior walls.

That might be an inch or two of exaggeration as you’ll see that we are preserving the original flooring, the stone walls of the carriage house turned office, and most of the front facade. In truth, it’s going to look like a brand new house from the street, but I hope the charm of the original 1933 structure will still shine through.

The interior, however, all bets are off. It’s a brand new house and I can’t deny that fact, nor can I deny my excitement for it. But, each time I walk through the floor plan, nostalgia pulls me to the corner of our future master closet and I think, “This is where I rocked both babies to sleep.”

Take a framing tour with me! I’ll watch out for the nails for you.

Curious what the house looked like after demo? That video tour is here.

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