How it started. How it’s going.

This week marked eight months since we started demo in April. We are sooooo close to the finish line, but lots of work is still happening. So to jump on the internet trend wagon, welcome to How it Started vs. How it’s going: Home on the Edge Edition.

Dining room to hallway + stairwell

The dining room space doubled as a throughway to the kitchen and tv room, so it’s only fitting that it’s turned into the hallway to the kitchen and the living room.

Kids bath + Son’s room to Master bathroom + Closet

If nostalgia strikes and I need to remember where I rocked both babies to sleep, I’ll just stand in the back corner of the new master closet.

Storage Closet to Secret Kids Room

Pre-reno, this space was off our master bathroom and existed as long-term clothes storage and glorified laundry hamper. Now, the kids have big plans to make this their secret space. It will be hidden behind a murphy door with shelving in the guest bathroom.

New bonus room to Workout room

This space didn’t exist in the drawings. A quick change in the roof pitch meant we got a bonus 80 square feet.

Living room bookcase to Butler’s Pantry

The front living room had a bookcase we had built into the wall next to the original fireplace. That wall was knocked out to have a butler’s pantry from the kitchen to the new dining room.

Kitchen to Kitchen

A final view of how the new kitchen looked at the beginning of framing. Fast forward to today with most appliances having been installed Countertops will be set next week!

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