A hot little Home in Harmony update.

As of tomorrow, we’ll have been back in our new, old home for four weeks. Lots of things are still in progress, i.e. furniture, and will be for a looong time. Stuff ain’t cheap, y’all.

Speaking of works in progress, remember when I wrote about grand plans to have everything organized and neatly contained before the move so it was just a matter of popping things into place?

Yeah, I’m hilarious.

My crusade toward a Home in Harmony will be a hard-fought and arduous one, though I’m not giving up. And, although my pantry and laundry room are currently catch-all disasters, and the daily clutter explosion is reliable as Old Faithful, there is one small achievement I’ve unlocked: the master bathroom.

Check out the inspiration photo here. I think we nailed it.

First of all, this bathroom is a masterpiece of form and function. There is storage with room to spare, and the shelving in the hutch isn’t even finished yet. Feast your eyes on all of those drawers!!

It was a conscious choice (and so far the right choice) to build the large hutch in the middle instead of having extra feet of counter space to fill with clutter. In doing so, we essentially said no thanks to a little more than four square feet of counter space and gained 24 square feet of storage space via four shelves and two drawers in the hutch.

Those two drawers in the hutch are why we are really here, guys. Because I’m taking my small, organizational win and showing it to the Internet.

This 16-piece Drawer Organizer Set I found is the perfect solution for this particular set up. No, seriously, all 32 bins (I bought two) fit PERFECTLY in the roughly 36″ x 9″ drawers. And it wasn’t just a happy coincidence, I took the dimensions of each sized bin, plus the quantity of each size and used Post-It Notes as surrogates to make sure I wasn’t going to have wasted space, or have a bin without a home before I purchased.

A full set takes up an area of 324 square inches, to fit however you need to slice and dice the width and depth of your drawer, i.e. 36″ x 9″ . The bin sizes are all divisible by 3. How’s that for math?

Because these drawers are on the longer side, Justin and I have each taken half of both drawers rather than one of us taking the top and the other taking the bottom. And, we were thoughtful to have our frequent, or daily use things be be closest to us when we are standing at our respective sinks.

There you have it. My small, organizational win that I’m putting in the momentum bank. Watch out pantry, I’m coming for you. The new spice jars are ordered and on the way.

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